For the second year running THE BACK gALLErY have teamed up with The Old Trafford Wonder Women WI to #showthelove for our environment and make a stand against Climate Change. This year we were at The Big Breakfast at St Brides Church in Old Trafford inviting everyone to put their green finger print onto our giant green hearts. 

It was a fun and messy time, and quite a relief to be inside on a grim day, and we even managed to paint two big green hearts!!

These will be varnished up and then displayed in different locations around Old Trafford , so keep a look out for them, and of course, please #showthelove!!


A ‘rubbish’ ART CLUB!! 

Don’t worry…. It wasn’t actually rubbish, but we did use a lot of rubbish to make some great Art!!!

We had a great turnout to our first ART CLUB of 2018. Lots of making, creating, sticking, drawing, chalking, chatting, running, playing and of course drinking a yummy hot chocolate to keep us warm!!

People brought their old jam jars and the children transformed them into ‘jars of joy’ by drawing on them with glass pens. The idea of them being a jar which you can fill with happy memories written down on paper scraps throughout the year that can then be shared and remembered at the end of 2018. The children didn’t just create ‘ jars of joy’ though. We had ‘excellent ideas’, ‘money pots’, ‘reasons why you’re my best friend’, and pen jars….

We also created a giant ‘rubbish mosaic’ made from lots and lots of cardboard squares cut from old cardboard packaging left over from the holidays. So we literally made art from rubbish!!! It was great fun and the adults got stuck right in too!!! The finished piece will be displayed at THE BACK gALLErY shortly so look out for it!

It was great to see the community coming together today and we are excited for many more ART CLUBs and THE BACK gALLErY events during 2018!!

Stay tuned!!

February’s ART CLUB will be on Saturday 10th from 2-3pm and we’ll be making a large green handprint heart painting to display outdoors amongst other things!!!

Our last ART CLUB of 2017 and a Happy New Year!! 

For our last ( and very cold!!) ART CLUB of 2017 we got in the festive mood by making wreaths from willow, Holly and ivy. 

We made lots of snowflakes….

Created mirror image Christmas tree cards with lots of glitter and tape..

And had lots of fun with some giant stars made from bright yellow cord and hula hoops!! 

It was a great ART CLUB and we’ve had great year!!  We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring. First ART CLUB is on Saturday 13th January 2-3pm in the alley. 

Art workshop at the Limelight Launch!! 

On the Thursday 7th December THE BACK gALLErY were delighted to run an art workshop at the #LimelightLaunch at Limelight Old Trafford , an exciting new community hub, library, café and extra care apartments  situated just a road away from THE BACK gALLErY. 

We invited visitors to Limelight to draw themselves, or write words to describe Old Trafford and Limelight on a  green triangle that then contributed to a large scale collage of ” The faces of Limelight”. 

We also hosted a Kaleidoscope making station, continuing the theme of the triangle which is part of Limelight’s Logo. A simple process using mirrored card and decorative washy tape allows the maker to look upon their immediate surrounds and more in a new and different way. Something we love to encourage at THE BACK gALLErY. You can also take really cool photos through the the Kaleidoscope with a mobile phone. 

It was a fantastic event and we look forward to seeing and being part of all the Limelight will bring to Old Trafford. 

Want to get involved in creativity at Limelight? 

On Wednesday mornings from the 10th January Lynda Sterling,who runs THE BACK gALLErY will be facilitating ‘Drawing Socials’ in the café at Limelight. No experience needed, everyone welcome!! 

Funny faces winter planting ART CLUB

This Saturday at ART CLUB we had the pleasure and help from the amazing Cath Wade from the St Johns Centre Gardening group in planting up our pots in the alley that had previously housed our sunflowers. Cath brought a wonderful selection of bulbs and plants and encouraged the children to bury the bulbs then make a funny face with the plants on the surface.


It was a very practical and hands on session for the children where they could touch and feel all the different textures of the plants and gently divide and place them into the soil. Some very funny faces were made with all sorts of crazy hair. One child even asked to create a french Plait with some of the ivy! 2017-11-11_20.30.33.jpg

When the children weren’t planting they were making funny faces by drawing and collage…


…and decorating lovely twigs and branches with lots of different coloured wool. The children varied greatly in their approach to this task, some taking a really long time over it and others wrapping wild and crazily, some ended up with only one colour while others involved lots of different  colours!! The children even arranged the completed branches on our pallet art wall in a very pleasing and artistic way.


We had another fun, social and creative afternoon in the alley and survived the cold chill by staying active and having some hot chocolate!!!! 

The plants will continue to grow and fill out the pots so do keep taking a walk down the alley to see all the changes that are taking place.

Leafy Lanterns on a warm Autumn afternoon. 

We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at ART CLUB in the alley creating all things leafy!! 

We made beautiful yet simple leaf lanterns from milk cartons, leaves and sticky back plastic! And they definitely look even more gorgeous when lit up with an electric tea light once it is dark. 

Everyone had fun getting stuck in with drawing, painting printing and generally getting messy with our large leaf painting. 

It  really was an all round leafy affair; colouring and drawing rainbow leaves, playing with leaves and twigs and some autumn playdough, and the children invented all sorts of leaf face characters which made some funny pictures!!

We even had an autumn leaf coloured cat come and join us at art club and to top it all it stayed dry and warm!!! 

Next art club is on Saturday 11th November 2-3pm. See you there! 

#manchesterstones at ART CLUB

At ART CLUB this month we got involved with the Manchester Stones  project that has been happening around Manchester this summer. It involves painting stones then hiding them for someone else to find, they in turn can hide them again after taking a picture and posting it in the Manchester Stones online group on Facebook.

We had lots of fun choosing our stones and then painting all sorts of different patterns and pictures on them. ! we had hearts, emojis, flowers, rainbows, spots, minions, ladybirds and many more!!

With a heavy downpour mid art club we had to be quick to protect all our freshly painted stones under some tables and thankfully they only need a few touch ups before we varnished them!

The chalkboard gates are still proving really popular in the alley and are used by a variety of children when playing out as well as at art club where we always make sure we have chalk available!

Once the stones had dried and all the info stickers were placed on the back we varnished them several times and then got to hide them around Old Trafford! Some have already been found and re hidden, have you spotted one yet?

( here’s a clue as to where to look….Hullard Park, Henrietta Street, Prestage Street, Shrewsbury Street…)


Let’s go fly a kite…. Down the alley!! 

August’s art club was a relaxed affair in the sunshine making kites and bunting from canvas.

The children enjoyed creating their designs with felt tips and Oil pastels, then turned them into kites with straws and sting and decorated them with ribbons. 

The Alley provided the perfect place to run up and down allowing the wind to catch the kites and watch the ribbon trails fly. 

We also threaded our bunting together and had the usual chalks out, someone even created a treasure hunt on all the chalk gates! A donated cake from a kind neighbour was shared around too!  Mmmmmm…..

 Next Art Club is on Saturday 9th September 2-3pm in the alley!! 

Spotting birds, making birds, creating birds…

THE BACK gALLErY had a fantastic day being a part of and bringing together two billiant events in Old Trafford. We ran a Bird spotting Treasure Trail from the #OTpicnic to the #OTcommunitymural where we hosted a bird making workshop and gave out bird feeder prizes for the treasure trail kindly donated by HUBBUB.


There were 15 birds along the trail, each one having a word on it and pictures and names of two local birds seen in and around Old Trafford. Participants had to follow the trail, (using their decorated binoculars) collect the names of all the birds and fill in the missing spaces in the secret message  to gain the treasure which was located where the Community Mural was taking place. The secret message being the Poem by Lemn Sissay that will be part of the mural along with several different birds.

Everyone was very excited to get their treasure! All these bird feeders will hopefully encourage even more birds to come to Old Trafford. 2017-07-22_21.46.26

At the Community Mural, being painted by the amazing and local Mural Life,  there was a real party atmosphere with food, music, lots of chalking and a bouncy castle.

Lots of people ( both Children and adults) enjoyed making their own birds from Milk cartons, just like the bird trail ones, decorating them with tissue paper and ribbon at our workshop.IMG_20170722_154752IMG_20170722_144704IMG_20170722_172815IMG_20170722_133109IMG_20170722_150358IMG_20170722_172823

It was a fantastic event to be part of and the Mural will be finished off this week. Check out Mural Life ‘s page to keep up to date with the progress. Image may contain: outdoor

To see a timelapse of the first part of the Mural  being painted click here.

Its very exciting to see more Art being created and displayed around Old Trafford and THE BACK gALLEry hope to encourage more of this in the future.